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15 pieces of Unsolicited Advice to my 19 year old self

Dear younger, more idiotic, almost out-of-your teens Me:


There are a few things I want to tell You about Yourself and Your future.

I am aware that You hate all sorts of unsolicited advice and You probably won’t follow most of it. But since we are both such self-important a**-holes who won’t pass up any chance to say “I told you so”- I will go ahead and lay it out for you anyways. Hopefully, it’ll save you some pain.

But before going into that, here are a few quick updates from the future:

  • First of all, the Internet wasn’t just a fad. It’s still around and thriving. Crazy that people stare at their screens all day at work and then go home to do the exact same thing for fun, huh? Well, it seems you’re the only crazy one who thinks so!
  • Secondly, no Flying Cars yet. Yeah, I know, I’m pretty bummed about that too. Nope, no word on teleportation either.
  • Lastly, you got married, had a kid and did a bunch of other grown up stuff. The crazy part? It all worked out Fine! Which is what this whole letter is about. So let’s get started, shall we?

Here’s my very precious advice to you – “almost grown up but not quite” Romila:

1. You will get your heartbroken but You will come out of it. Yes you think that the bloody Sun shines out of his butt and he cannot do any wrong, but he will move on and so will you. Just don’t mope about it as much as I did. The twenties is the age to live your life and not pretend you are Meena Kumari incarnate. This brings me to my very important next point and what probably should be your Life Mantra.

2.You are stronger than You think You are. Nothing can sway you if you set your mind to it. Always remember this and You can accomplish anything in life. Even the big heartbreak. It’s all in the mind.

Queen of Drama and Corny poses

3.This is also where I should tell you that you don’t need to turn to drinks after a break up. It is such a cliché.

4. Talking of clichés, going out for a party every Saturday Night is seriously overrated. Now you don’t need to look so surprised, You will eventually outgrow the party scene because having a conversation without having to howl at each other over the blaring music makes a lot of sense. It also helps because your body cannot handle alcohol as well as it used to earlier.

A crazy Saturday Night in progress

5. Do Not. I repeat- DO NOT color your hair RED at Home!!! Visit a salon if you must. But unless you want to look like someone who has perpetual Holi color plonked on your head for the next six months. Don’t attempt this at home. Also, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. Coming from someone who has serious hair issues now, please show them some love and tender care.

6. Travel as much as you can and as often as you can. I cannot stress how much you will come to love travel in life. So travel when you are happy, travel when you are sad, travel while you are still footloose and fancy-free because you will learn so much about life just by letting go.

RR 051
One of the very first trips I took on my own

7. You are at an age where You can’t wait to finish college to start working and be independent. But Don’t Grow Up So Soon. Corporate life may seem very glamorous right now but trust me paying your own bills is hardly fun. Look for a good college to do your MBA. Enjoy the hostel life before you plunge into the rat race. I wish I did.

8. Realize and be grateful for Your family and how truly amazing they are. Also, quit fighting with your Mom so much, You will miss her once you get away from Home.

Super stoked to be at my first job! Not!

9. Learn How to Cook. Cooking is an underrated skill. Also, You might surprisingly be good at it.

10. Sisters Before Misters. Pick your Girlfriends and keep them close for life and if any guy tries to break you up, don’t be afraid to break a leg.

11. You don’t have to kiss frogs hoping to find your Prince Charming. There is No Prince Charming. I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but love is not about finding Mr. Perfect. It is about loving someone inspite of all their imperfections. But I know you are a sucker for fairy tales, so how about being your own Prince Charming! Buy yourself gifts, take yourself out for a date and Love Yourself for a change!

12. You have always enjoyed Reading. Please don’t ever change that, even when you don’t have time. Just pick up a book and get lost in its world.

jlo n me up close
Thankfully the Red in my Hair filtered down after a few washes.

13. Write. For Yourself. For Others. Just Write. There’s a reason words come to you in the middle of the night.

14. Go to a Dermatologist. You don’t have to suffer acne just because you think you will eventually grow out of it.

15. Buy those Infosys shares. Seriously. You’ll thank me later.


The older, still idiotic… You

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  1. Oh i loved it!!! Especially the infosys part.. And the dermatologist and the sisters before misters and the red color hair.. I guess everything about the letter.!

  2. That’s a perfect letter. I so agree with Saturday party & alcohol consumption point. I hear you! Also not be in a hurry to grow up. I so regret it now. Loved it.

  3. Oh my God.. I loved every single point. This could very well be written to my younger self. Esp the red hair and the flying cars and the growing up too fast. Beautifully done.
    Thanks for joining us on our #WomensDayBlogParty. It was a pleasure reading your interpretation of the prompt.

    1. Oh my god fangirling here.. been following you on insta for quite sometime so I am beyond ecstatic to get your comment. Thank you for hosting the #WomensDayBlogParty and if it wasn’t for you I would have not moved my lazy ass to get this blog up. So no qualms even if I don’t win, I have already won my battle .

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