Learning Curve

When I started solids for Baby R, I was informed by my pediatrician to not offer salt or sugar before 1year. Though the elders at home did not agree, I was pretty sold that this was the way for me and Baby R to start our weaning journey.

No matter how much advice(read unwanted) I received from all quarters, I did not give my baby either salt or sugar in her meals. I was also very impressed by the Baby-Led weaning method and once again much to the disappointment of naysayers, I did not start Baby R with pureed food/ khichdi/ daal-chawal Ka pani. Baby had almost all of our family meals sans salt and with little or no spices.
Now I would be lying if I said Baby ate well in the initial few months. However much I wanted that to be the case, to shut down the opposition once and for all, she did not have more than a few bites per meal. A few times it even had me second guessing my decision but all the articles I had read would flash back in my brain and I remained unswayed.

Cut to a few months later to our vacation to Goa. Baby R, all of 11 months, was eating solids better than before but I still requested for a separate dish for her without salt everywhere we ate

At one such dinner at a beach side shack, Baby decided she’d had enough of mama’s flavourless food and absolutely refused to have it, instead she looked so longingly at the Lobster Masala and Prawn Tandoori on the table that we had no other choice but to offer it to her. And boy did she relish that meal, spices and all. We haven’t looked back ever since.

Can you ignore that look in the pic here? it’s of the very same meal.
Mama learnt that day that there are no set rules for raising babies, you just have to follow your babies cues and be flexible in your parenting style.
Ofcourse we came back home to a few ” we told you so” comments and mama had to eat a humble pie, in this case with a pinch of Salt! .

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