Never Say Never

I used to be the best parent. I was an expert. I knew all the things. Then I had my own child and found out I didn’t know jack shit and all of the things I used to judge people for, I started doing too.

When I think back on all the things I used to believe, I can’t decide if I want to laugh or slap myself. Both, maybe. I certainly had grand ideas about what I would be like as a parent! And like many things in life, I should have learned to “Never Say Never

Here are 5 things I swore I’d never do as a parent β€” that I now do all the time. .
πŸ–•Let my Baby have Screen Time
Obviously when I was creating these parenting rules in my head I forgot to take into account how many chores can be completed in 1hr episode of Peppa Pig. Yes I do feel guilty of letting her watch TV and promise myself everyday to cut back on her screen time, but give in when I want a few moments to myself. .
πŸ–•Constantly Say No
I had read enough on Respectful Parenting to know I would be the kind of mom to redirect negative comments into thoughtful affirmative statements. Rather than say, ” Don’t put that into your mouth” I’d say, ” That wouldn’t taste so good, try this instead”. Sounds good in theory, but when your baby is trying to get everything into their mouths , saying No is sometimes necessary. .
πŸ–•Buy toys that Flash & Sing
I used to read all about how “the more active the toy is, the less active the baby is.” The idea is to give your kids toys that are static and quiet so their imagination can fill in the blanks. I had visions of Pinterest type nursery in primary colors filled with eco-friendly wooden toys. But then gifts happen in form of piles of toys that flash technicolour lights and sing awful songs that sound creepy and get stuck in your head. And of course, those are the toys your baby loves most. .
πŸ–•Mom- boast on Social Media
Ha ha ha ha. I have an insta-handle and a Blog dedicated to my Baby. I rest my case. .
πŸ–•Lose My Temper
On more occasion than one I’ve lost my temper at the Baby, I did feel super bad about it later and gave her sweets to cover my guilt.. oh no! I’ve also lost my temper and fought with my spouse infront of the Baby. This one was a no go in my books, because pre-baby we were supposed to be this dream team but apparently lack of sleep does funny things with your head.

Well these are the top ones of my really long list. I still am holding onto a few of them like

πŸ™„I won’t let my Baby throw a tantrum in public. C’mon she will be better behaved than rest of the kids.

πŸ™„We won’t take her out to a movie that is not meant for kids

πŸ™„I won’t pander to her food requests and she will eat all family meals.

πŸ™„I won’t pressure her to study and she can learn at her own pace.

πŸ™„I won’t be one of those moms that gives her unsolicited advice

Dear moms of older kids,

please feel free to throw some digital shade at me after reading the above. I guess someone needs to shake me up and tell me – “Beta, Sub Moh Maya Hai” (translation – everything is a mirage)

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