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My Fucket List

This year I want to start a petition – for age to be referred in levels because ā€œIā€™m at level 37ā€ sounds so much cooler than saying Im Old.

There. I said it. I’m 37!! Old enough to know better, Young enough to not care and Experienced enough to do it right!

When I was in my 20s this age seemed so far away like a distant dream. I presumed I would’ve forgotten how to have fun. I even made a bucket list of all the things I wanted to achieve before I hit the scary 30s. You can read the list here.

But here I am, all of 37 – fast approaching the 40s but funnily enough I’m not scared anymore. Infact, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I just want to do things that give me happiness, things that make me grow and I’m open to what life has to throw at me. But now more than ever I’m sure of the things I Don’t Want to Do.

So instead of a Bucket List I present to you my Anti- Bucket List or as I like to call it – my Fuck-et List of Things I’ve Done But Never Want To Do Again. A cautionary advice, reading the below list would make you believe I am a really stupid person but I was just young and foolhardy.

  1. Buy clothes that fit a bit snugly thinking I will fit into them when I lose weight.
  2. Wear a Jumpsuit again because Peeing in them is such a struggle.
  3. Run a marathon. Because I just plain hate running. I don’t even like running on the treadmill forget running amongst the elements.
  4. Ride on an elephant. Did that on my Honeymoon ignorant to the plight of these majestic creatures. Never again!
  5. Mix Red Bull and Vodka. Again a Honeymoon adventure I don’t wish to repeat. I was knocked out straight for 24 hrs.
  6. Drink and Drive. No excuses.
  7. Straighten my Hair. I will gladly suffer through another bad hair day than subject my hair to those harmful chemicals
  8. Color my Hair at home. Done that and it was a complete disaster.
  9. Say Yes when I really want to say No.
  10. Care about what people think. Because ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ is their problem not mine.
  11. Depend on a single person for my Happiness. Difficult because R is my constant source of happiness , but then again I have to ensure that I do not need to burden her with the weight of my expectations.
  12. Make a decision when I’m angry or worse still go shopping when I am in a foul mood.
  13. Eat 5 plates of Golgappas back to back. Don’t ask me why. No, it wasn’t on a dare.
  14. Put the Patanjali Eye Drops in my eyes. A look at the ingredients should have been enough to warn me but thinking before acting is not my strongest attribute.
  15. Wear heels when I know I’ll have to walk or stand for more than an hour.
  16. Not keep a backup of my photographs. Lost all my Honeymoon pictures to a laptop crash now everything goes into the Cloud.
  17. Not write something down thinking that I will remember it from memory. The kind of overconfidence that leads to your Birthday post being delayed by two weeks.

Are their any fun things that you have done when you were younger but wouldn’t do again? Would love to hear.

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