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Finger Print Art

Mother’s Day gives us a chance to make our Mom’s feel special. And, the best way to make her smile the biggest smile is by making a cute fingerprint craft. Fingerprint crafts for Mothers Day are really easy and would hardly take you half hour to do it. Moreover, it’s really fun doing these. If you are a kid or an adult and thinking about making your Mom something special, then you should make her something which is really easy to make and something which will remind your Mom of you whenever she looks at it.


Fingerprint crafts are special and personalized. You can make this craft as a card or place it on a canvas or a Wooden frame and then gift it to your Mom. Even if it is the last minute, you still can make this easy DIY Gift for mom and make her feel special.

Materials Needed for the I LOVE MUM fingerprint craft

  1. I LOVE MUM template. (Download below)
  2. White Cardstock Paper (Pastel sheets or thicker)
  3. Colored Cardstock Paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Masking Tape
  6. Paint

To get this craft ready, you’ll need to

  1. Print the template on card stock. Printing onto colored ones work best as it contrasts with the white paper that students will be using for the craft.
  2. Get the paint ready for the kids to use by putting it out onto a plate or something they can press their fingers onto.
  3. Stick the letters and heart down using masking tape. Masking tape works best since regular tape will tear out the background paper.
  4. Now begin making finger prints all around the edges of the letters and the heart first. Be sure to fill in all gaps
  5. Continue making fingerprints all around the letters and then begin making more and more away from the letters, scattering them all over the page.
  6. You can use as many colors as you want.IMG_4085 (2)
  7. It helps to tape down the paper to the table to so that it doesnt move around while the little picassos work their magic
  8. After the letters and heart are outlined with fingerprints an there are prints all around the paper, let the paint dry.
  9. After the paint dries, slowly pull up each letter and the heart to reveal your art.

Now your “I Love Mum” is ready to give to Mom on Mother’s Day!


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