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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day should be the one of the most important holidays on earth.
I cannot think of a more thankless and rewarding job as being a mother. This year, on this Mother’s Day take the time to thank your mom, and if you are a dad, the mother of our children.
Every day should be Mothers Day. Make sure you tell your moms and the mothers of your children how special they are to you. If you are a dad, it is your job to lead by example and show them how important Mother’s Day is. It is not about the bouquet of flowers or the card that you buy but the sentiment that life would be incomplete without them. And nothing spells out S.P.E.C.I.A.L than a hand-made note or craft dedicated to our Mother.
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This year for Mother’s Day I helped my 3 year old with the following crafts which were very simple to make and more importantly could be made with things available at hand. Also, these crafts can be very easily replicated for Father’s Day as well.
What’s cuter than an owl with a hidden message. Simple to put together on your own or simply head to the post to download the template. Print, Color, Cut and Glue together! It is as simple as that.
This Mother’s Day make sure to give your mother a BIG hug. Make this easy craft to educate the little ones about this special day and teach them about how much mother’s love matters to them.
Click on the link about to read more on how to make this simple craft with your preschoolers.
We modified this Valentines Day card by for a Mother’s Day card. We used my 3 year old’s handprint to trace out the card shape and glued hearts inside to write our Mother’s Day message in . For older kids, they can even help fill out the messages on each page of the heart booklet inside the card.
A Mother’s Day gift personalized by their little one’s fingerprints is a sure shot winner. All you need is paper, paint and some masking tape and you are good to go. The best part of this is that even the littlest of kids can make this card with your help. Head over to the post if you wish to know how we made it
Share with us here in case you try any of these with your little ones. Snap a quick picture and post it to our Facebook page or share it below in comments.

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